Addressing the call EDIDP-UCCRS-2020, the heterogeneous and experienced CUIIS project team is to address the development of next-generation comprehensive solutions for enhanced defence diving to detect, identify, counter and protect against sub-surface threats.

The CUIIS project scope focuses on innovative comprehensive system solution in the area of underwater technologies for physical support and recovery of divers, building C4I mission systems for underwater management, underwater monitoring, situational awareness, positioning, navigation and manned-unmanned teaming.

Latest news

Comprehensive Underwater Intervention Information System (CUIIS) Project First Administrative and Financial Workshop

CUIIS First Administrative and Financial Workshop was held on 16 February 2022 with the participation of all partners from the consortium. Its purpose was to provide information on the project roles and responsibilities of the European Commission (Project officers), the Project Coordinator, WP Leaders and the Task Leaders, to discuss CUIIS communication channels, emails and file naming conventions, to familiarize the partners with the project monitoring and technical reporting – internal and official, to inform about the cost types – eligible and non-eligible, and to prepare…


Comprehensive Underwater Intervention Information System (CUIIS) Project First Technical Workshop

CUIIS First Technical Workshop took place on 3 February 2022. Project partners from 8 organizations presented on the topics of the agenda. The objectives of the workshop were to present an overview of the CUIIS System Architecture, the Intelligent Diving Equipment, the Underwater Manned-Unmanned teaming Modules, the Smart Hyperbaric Systems, the Diving Electronic Sensors and UUV Control Modules, the Enhanced Underwater Communication and Information System (UWCIS) Modules, to introduce the Tactical Command and Control Modules, the Visual User Interfaces for Underwater…


Comprehensive Underwater Intervention Information System (CUIIS) Project Kick-off meeting

The official Comprehensive Underwater Intervention Information System (CUIIS) Project kick-off meeting took place on 11th January 2022 at "Professor Tsvetan Lazarov" Defence Institute, Sofia, Bulgaria. The project is funded by the European Defence Industrial Development Programme (EDIDP).

The kick-off meeting was both physically and virtually attended by the project officers from the European Commission (DG DEFIS) and the members of the international consortium representing 18 different organizations from 7 EU countries (Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland…