Project will address three main directions:

  • decompression sickness (DCS) risk mitigation;
  • underwater positioning, tracking, wireless communications and data transfer subsurface and subsurface-surface over great distance;
  • manned-unmanned teaming in swarm mode setting (underwater AIS).

The pillars of activities in CUIIS are four-fold:

  1. Definition of user requirements, use cases and CONOPS development, and Study, Review and Analysis of Comprehensive Underwater Intervention and Information System
  2. Design of CUIIS System
  3. Prototyping of CUIIS elements
  4. Testing, demonstration and evaluation of CUIIS

CUIIS project integrates study, design, prototyping, and testing activities in the domain of:

  • Decompression sickness mitigation strategies through the use of “smart” diving equipment
  • Underwater Manned-Unmanned teaming
  • Smart Hyperbaric Systems
  • Diving Electronic Sensors and UUV Control
  • Enhanced Underwater Communication and Information System (UWCIS)
  • Tactical Command and Control
  • Visual user interfaces for Underwater Innervation and Information System

The CUIIS system will be developed incrementally during the period of 3 years. The system will be tested and assessed in:

  1. a controlled environment enabling testing at any time without pre-requisite authorisations and
  2. in real conditions in Bulgaria, France, and Italy.